Welcome to the Chomtalay Restaurant

- Rated 5 stars restaurant on the best seaside scenery of Samroiyod, Prachaubkirikan, Thailand. Known amongst local and foreign tourist as The Queen of Thai Seafood. Unique tasteful dishes which cascaded from Mom-To-Me , (as a legend) those dishes were served to the honored military embassy over 30 years.

- Wont be surprised if Chomtalay was granted 2 awards : Food Service Standard for Tourism 2008 from Office of Tourism Development Ministry of Tourism and Sports and The standard five-star restaurant. And Clean Food Good Taste from Department of Health Ministry of Public Health, to guarantee her pride !!

- Examined closely to the kitchen floor, beside those tasty and seamless service quality, all cooking processes are undertaken from selecting the best raw materials (mostly direct from fisherman and local community), fresh Thai herbs are picked from backyard gardening- blending and cooking under the environmental-friendly circumstances, years ahead from other restaurants practice.

- The Green Seafood menus is what Chomtalay proud of. Under healthy concerns, what Thai herbs are meant for when the myths were passed from generations to their successors. Chomtalay has then followed-through and developed her own Green Seafood recipe. Highly recommended gourmets and drinks for you, your family and beloved persons Only here in the city.

- Green menu is one of green policy, originated with vast consciousness of environmental-friendly treaty. Underneath many activities are behind the scene : wasted thrash, water treatment, energy control. Beside internal elements, Chomtalay considers community and local quality of living as our propaganda, Thai gourmet teaching program to widespread Thai foods worldwide.

Popular Chef's Recommended Dishes

Pla Jalamet sam rot


Grilled Seafood Medley with chilli and lemons Sauce

Pride and Joy

Chomtalay could achieves where the efforts pay off, when the honorary awards were granted by the Government authority as the following :


กิจกรรมอบรมการถอดก้างปลา และเมนูจากปลานวลจันทร์ โดยประมงจังหวัดฯ และสถานทูตฟิลิปินส์

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